100% Eco-friendly coffins and urns

Eco Coffins

In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of the effect that modern-day living is having on our environment, we need to be confident that we are taking strong enough measures to protect our natural world, even at the end of our lives.

Consequently, an ever-increasing number of people are choosing to bid their loved ones a farewell from this earth in ways that will not cause it further damage. With our eco-friendly urns and coffins that are 100% biodegradable, you can offer your clients the option of returning family members to nature in a dignified yet simplistic manner that will, quite literally, not cost the earth.

No Metal or Plastic Components

Our coffins are manufactured using only 5 materials;

Material 1: Core Rattan (natural rattan taken from the inside of cane)
Material 2: Organic cotton
Material 3: Mango wood (from trees that are no longer viable for fruit production)
Material 4: Eco glue
Material 5: Natural rope handles, weight tested to 180 kilos

The traditional, wooden coffin can take decades, or even centuries, to biodegrade, and around nine million meters of wood are used every year in their construction. For a large percentage of people, this is just too high a price for our natural environment to have to pay. Ecocoffin exists to ensure that you are able to meet the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly forms of funeral and memorial products; our coffins and urns are not only made from natural materials taken from highly-sustainable sources but, unlike other similar products on the market, they feature absolutely no metal components whatsoever, making them entirely biodegradable,.

CoffinsIn fact, we believe that we have created the most eco-friendly end-of-life products available. Protecting the planet is each and every man’s responsibility, and we are here to make sure that you are able to fulfil the human race’s growing desire to keep our planet sustainable even as we leave it. With our beautiful, wicker woven coffins and urns, recently departed loved ones can be reunited with nature just as she intended.

Skilfully handwoven rattan combined with wooden joints and dowels ensure that all of our biodegradable coffins and urns are attractive yet surprisingly sturdy, whilst still being delicate enough in appearance to omit that essential aura of naturality and peace. They have been designed to allow you to serve a wider range of customers, not all of whom may wish to have a green funeral or humanist burial in its entirety.

Looking to buy?

Although we only serve to businesses, we also like to keep the individual customer firmly in mind. Should you wish to purchase one of our eco-friendly coffins, you can simply ask your funeral director to order one on your behalf and it will be delivered within 2 days. We can assist you in finding your local Ecocoffin Funeral Director. What is more, we offer the option of a personalised service; should you prefer a more individual tone than the rustic shade of our natural rattan, our coffins can be ordered in a colour of your choice – naturally, our eco paints are environmentally friendly, and the coffin will remain 100% biodegradable.

We welcome trade enquiries and are always searching for worldwide distributers. For further information or to contact us, please click on the relevant links above.


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